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Therapy Contract

My commitment to you
1) Environment: I will provide a safe and secure environment in which sensitive issues can
be raised with confidence.
2) Confidentiality: our therapy together will be confidential: I may seek the guidance of my
clinical supervisor with an issue that has arisen in session, and this too will be treated
confidentially. Outside of this situation confidentiality would only be broken unexpectedly if I believe there is a risk of harm to yourself or somebody else. I have a Privacy Policy which is available please ask if you would like a copy.
3) Treatment plan: treatment is a collaborative process which is mutually inclusive of your
views and ideas as the client, as well as mine as the therapist.
Your commitment to therapy
1) Client details: please complete the form provided and return to me.
2) Risk: we will do a risk assessment together in our first therapy session, if your risk
situation changes during therapy please inform me at the start of our next session.
Should you feel your situation worsening unexpectedly between sessions contact your
GP immediately or if they are unavailable call the Out of Hours GP service on 111.
Terms and Conditions
1) Sessions: sessions are weekly lasting 50 mins for 12- 20 sessions, on average.
If you are late for your appointment it is likely that the session will be shorter than usual
as it is rarely possible to over-run.
2) Location: online via Zoom link
3) Fees: the cost of sessions is £12
0 per hour.
4) Payment method: payment is strictly in advance by bank transfer.
Bank details: Mrs Lauren Aitken 77-21-04 35142960
5) Cancellation policy: if you are unable to make a session please let me know as this avoids any undue concern. Once you are committed to treatment payment is expected for both attended and unattended sessions. Less that 24 hrs notice, sessions are changed at full amount. Less that 48hrs notice, sessions are charged at 50%.
6) End of therapy: ending of therapy is agreed jointly: a minimum of 2 weeks notice is
required in order to end therapy with consideration and forward planning.

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